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The Garden Pantry Launch Animation


West Village

Three retailers spanning Hawaiian, Korean and Italian cuisine, in a shipping container pop up, that runs for two years, with subtropical vibes and a tip of the hat to the Hamptons, in one of the biggest inner-city master planned developments ever undertaken in Brisbane right next to the CBD. Oh and it’s opening soon… and it hasn’t been built yet.

You get what we’re saying right? No?
A lot of information to take in, yes?

Sometimes a concept is just so exciting that it can be really hard to explain, keep people interested and help the register to ring… all at the same time.

So we worked in partnership with talented illustrator Jimmy Patch to bring to life what was to become The Garden Pantry, with a beautifully illustrated explainer animation that spelled it all out for the excited punters. With an original score by composer extraordinaire Ack Kinmonth, the sense of excitement was palpable.

As always we worked in partnership with the West Village team throughout the process to ensure it was hitting all the right marks. This piece, designed for digital, also ended up on cinema and television screens as an advertisement and even featured in television news pieces – helping to bolster the reach of an aggressive launch campaign.

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