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Meet the Bromleys vlog style


West Village Brisbane’s ultra-progressive artists-in-residence program kicked off in style with one of Australia’s most bankable artists, David Bromley, who in partnership with his wife Yuge form Bromley & Co

… an artistic tour de force who act as a catalyst for up-and-coming artists to take the next step in their career while spreading their own brand of artistic output at a blinding pace.

Rather than produce yet another polished promo piece that smelled of ‘ad’ we put our journalists’ hats on and followed David, Yuge and crew over the course of the day, grabbing footage and interviews on the fly.

The result is a vlog-style piece with clever use of superimposed text to maximise cut-through on social media, and in particular mobile (it works with the sound off), while people are commuting on trains and buses in the morning, or while they should be doing other, more productive things in the office.

With a modest ad spend, this piece reached nearly 100,000 viewers and was shared more than 100 times.

The exhibition attracted incredibly strong foot traffic and art sales were strong over the course of the activation.

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