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Brisbane Ice Cream Festival


As if Brisbane’s first ever ice cream festival wasn’t exciting enough, local institutions Alfred & Constance and Mr Fitz Ice Cream combined forces to create a one-off boozy ice cream float that set hearts, mouths and Instagram a-flutter.

Brisbane Ice Cream Festival:
A&C x Mr Fitz collab boozy shake

The hero of this piece is, of course, the float itself, beautifully shot in a ‘how-to’ format that social media just-drinks in (sorry).

Combine this with the two conspiring parties’ social media followings – both well into the six figures – and this tasty, shareable content was everywhere heading into the festival launch campaign.

The festival had a waiting list a mile long and we won’t even go into how much ice cream was consumed on the day (we’re not sure if we’re concerned for you or proud of you, Brisbane).

Bottoms up!

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