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Recent Awards

UDIA QLD – Marketing Excellence 2019 – Winner

Australian Marketing Institute – Social Media Marketing 2019 – Finalist

The Urban Developer 2018 – Excellence in Marketing – Winner

IPA Asia Pacific – Development Website 2018 – Winner

IPA Asia Pacific – Development Marketing 2018 – Finalist

Who is Lucid Media?

We specialise in crafting stories. We also specialise in distributing them, offering design, website development and digital packages to help connect our clients with their communities.

With journalism and documentary film-making in the company’s DNA, authenticity is at the heart of everything we do.

Founded by brothers Michael and Damien Condon in 2013, the company draws on its extensive history in media and advertising to cut through the noise.

Informed by Data

Organisations and the people they’re talking to can gain a lot from taking a data-driven approach to marketing.
When strategies are implemented successfully, such benefits include –

Personalised Marketing

It’s essential that companies convey the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Data-driven marketing allows organisations to create a customised campaign that converts leads through a deeper understanding of who their audience is.

Clear-Cut Clarity

With a wealth of information in their database, marketers can determine the most accurate and actionable information about audiences.

With a data-driven approach, it becomes much easier to separate and group the target audiences that you’re trying to reach.

Multi-Channel Experience

Marketers can leverage data to extend reach across multiple networks, and take communication beyond just email.

Distributing data-driven ads across channels, through automated marketing campaigns, will ensure that your message is consistent, aligned, and reaches each recipient in the perfect place and at the perfect time.

West Village

We’ve worked with Lucid for over two years now. Since before the project began they have provided best in class strategic advice, planning digital content and design. Working with them from strategy, creative and execution in close partnership with our in-house team has helped us to win a number of awards for marketing excellence as well as stellar commercial outcomes.

Amanda Leacy
Marketing Manager
St Agnes' Parish

St Agnes' Parish has been working with Lucid to create a series of documentaries designed to show the impact of our Parish services on the lives of real people within Port Macquarie and its surrounding districts. Producer Michael Condon and his team have brought to life some incredibly powerful stories that have showcased the important work that our Parish does and the role that it plays within the community here.

Adam Spencer
Catholic Schools Office. Lismore

Lucid Media has been integral to the success of our culture change journey. There is no-one else who does what they do in Australia.

Gary Reen
Assistant Director

Forming long lasting partnerships

We work with a select group of clients who hold the same values we do.

Dedication to craft, attention to detail and putting people at the centre of what we do. Because in marketing, just like life, it is ultimately about connecting with people.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with many of our clients over many years building trust through a commitment to the highest levels of quality and service to our clients and community.

If this is what you’re looking for in a content and digital partner then we’d love to speak further with you.