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Sam's Be-Happy Attitude

Sam’s Be-Happy Attitudes
Parent Engagement
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What is Proclaim Lismore?

Proclaim Lismore is an ongoing organisation-wide cultural change program run within the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore. Its goal is to embed the mission of Jesus Christ, entrusted to the Catholic Church, within all staff and to create a stronger Catholic Culture in all of the diocese’s schools – amongst its students, parents, staff, and clergy.

What was the project?

The CSO in Lismore wanted to create a piece that would speak both to children and also to parents ahead of a yearlong campaign, focused on parent engagement. Lucid was commissioned to create an animated storybook that would reinterpret The Beatitudes using Robert H. Schuller’s modern treatment within the setting of a school.

The outcome

Lucid used one of the diocese’s students to narrate the story, creating an authentic and heartwarming story for parents and children. A number of interviews with parents undertaken before production helped to get to the heart of what was important to parents, helping to inform a script that would speak to the diocese’s parent body. The piece became an important part of the campaign’s social media roll-out.

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