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Growing The Story

Catholic mission/onboarding new teachers

Why do Catholic Schools exist and how did we get to this point? An important guide on the history and mission of Catholic Schools in Australia.

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The Conference of Diocescan Directors, NSW & ACT

Who is the client?

Conference of Diocesan Directors, NSW & ACT

What was the project?

Onboarding new graduate teachers can be a challenge with all the compliance that needs to be taught before they even set foot in a classroom. But there are some more fundamental lessons that are often overlooked – the mission and history of Catholic Schools in Australia – after all, why do these teachers even have a job in the first place? Lucid won a public tender to take on the project and travelled across New South Wales and the ACT interviewing a wide cross-section of teachers to tell the story.

The outcome

All systemic schools across NSW and ACT now have a succinct package that they can use, not only for new graduate teachers but for all teachers, to communicate the fundamental story and mission of their vocation.

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Lucid Media offer a specialised, niche service in that they are both experts in digital marketing and video production and they are also specialists in terms of knowledge and understanding of Catholic Education and the Catholic Church. There are one of only a handful of companies in the country that provide this highly specialised service. Lucid Media provide a service that is to a high standard with professionalism.

Catholic Diocesan Directors - NSW & ACT (retired)
Catholic Education Office Regional Director of the Western Region, Diocese of Parramatta (former)
Congregation Leader of the Patrician Brothers (retired)
Head of Division for Professional Development and Leadership - CEO, Diocese of Parramatta
Brother Aengus Kavanagh

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