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What is St Agnes’ Parish Education?

St Agnes’ Parish Education is the overarching body that oversees all of the educational activities of St Agnes’ Parish, Port Macquarie. The Parish has a large educational program from childcare to primary schools, secondary schools, and post-school vocational courses.

What is the project?

With You for Life was commissioned by the Parish as the centrepiece of their annual enrolments drive across all of its educational institutions. The piece was designed as both a social media campaign and a broadcast TV commercial. The main video was designed to showcase as many of the activities, subjects, students, and opportunities for development as possible. The video featured every single student from every school for maximum share-ability on social media.

The outcome

As a result, the video and its shorter versions were watched 15,000 times on Facebook alone and shared 65 times giving it a high organic footprint on the social platform. It was also broadcast before each of the different schools’ important enrolment dates on all of the commercial regional TV channels helping to bolster the schools’ efforts in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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