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Student Discipleship

What is Proclaim Lismore?

Proclaim Lismore is an ongoing organisation-wide cultural change program run within the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore. Its goal is to embed the mission of Jesus Christ, entrusted to the Catholic Church, within all staff and to create a stronger Catholic Culture in all of the diocese’s schools – amongst its students, parents, staff and clergy.

What is the project?

Lucid was commissioned to create centrepiece for the launch of the 2015 Proclaim Lismore campaign aimed at the faith development of the diocese’s students. The piece was to feature a cross section of students from the diocese from primary through to secondary and

The outcome

An aspirational and exciting introduction to the Proclaim Lismore Students brand and the Lismore Diocese’s student discipleship program. The video was watched over 4000 times on Vimeo and has been re-used in the years since at student discipleship events, and within schools to promote the diocese’s student faith formation program.

do you like this project?

My reflections on this video include the fact that it was the first of a series of high-quality videos which then created not an expectation but perhaps anticipation of future instalments. It emphasised community, a range of age groups and peer-to-peer ministry which were the foundations of our growing SD continuum at the time. The build towards all the events listed at the end always got me for the way it highlighted the breadth of what we were already doing. Videos for many of those events followed, so this first was a real ground breaker.
Matt De Dassel
School Evangelisation Services Consultant, SEACS

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