Opera Queensland

Opera Queensland

COVID lockdown was a tough time for everyone in Australia. None more so than the arts community. We worked with Opera Queensland to bring four joyous pieces to the world over the Easter holiday.

Behind the Scenes

We worked with the team at Folklore Sound to record each of the pieces prior to filming.

The finished Product

Shot on site at beautiful West Village (one of Opera Queensland’s loyal sponsors) in Brisbane’s, West End, the four beautiful pieces provided a much needed emotional boost to an audience tuning in globally. 

Welcome to Country


Leading tourism sustainability consultancy Earthcheck asked us to put together this fun animated explainer to help launch this brilliant app.

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Newman College – Enrolment Video



Newman Senior Technical College enrolment video

What is Newman Senior Technical College? 

Based in Port Macquarie, Newman is Australia’s first and largest technical college. This is an exciting school where everything is hands-on – from mechanics, welding, machining and building to childcare, hospitality, robotics and computing – Newman is all about ‘the doing’. 

What was the project? 

Newman wanted to up the ante for their enrolments campaign with competition for student and parent attention increasingly fierce in this large regional market. The brief centred on showcasing the tactile nature of the subjects taught at the school through clever use of sound and dynamic, cinematic imagery. 

The outcome 

Newman Senior Technical College saw a definitive spike in enrolments – with our video piece being the one major difference in their enrolment campaign approach.

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