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West Village controversy timeline
West Village community engagement staff continue to speak with key stakeholders locally and the site is opened up to the community with the first Brisbane Ice Cream Festival. Social content pivots from traditional construction site updates to aspirational lifestyle content leveraging existing trust brands to create goodwill and social and website traction. Promotional video gains more than 54,000 views and the event is a sell out.

West Village thanks to Cr Jonathan Sri’s strident opposition and motivation of a vocal majority of NIMBY residents creates a storm of negative publicity within local media and negative sentiment with local residents.

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Image courtesy of The Courier Mail

The next major community engagement piece sees Bromley & Co take up their artists in residence program. Importantly they mentor and display up and coming young Brisbane talent building their profile and bankability in the process. This is documented via video receiving in excess of 130,000 views on Facebook and generating positive local publicity.

Despite the success of the festival, Cr Sri and other locals continue to stir up more controversy with protests and local media. The strategic decision is made to stay the course with consistent positive messaging and community engagement via West Village’s own channels (website, facebook, instagram and database).

Ongoing documentation of community and cultural initiatives augments and amplifies the success of these events and evokes a strong emotional connection with the lifestyle of West Village and the brand pillars of Sekisui House. Negative sentiment is by now almost silent.

By this stage negative sentiment is starting to drop and be overcome by positive sentiment and support for the development with people understanding that it will open up an underutilised semi industrial part of West End with no public access.

Publicity is now overwhelmingly positive and tools have been put in place to show in a very granular manner that lifestyle content within the advertising program is not only directly driving conversion but outperforming traditional ‘price point and location’ style advertising on every front.

Social media and activations/place making acknowledged as the primary driver of foot traffic to the sales suite and sales on and offline.

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