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With intention and focus
comes power,
there is power in story.

Do you want to reach audiences on a scale you’ve never reached before? Through authentic story, data-driven insights, and constant innovation we help you stand head and shoulders above the competition with your community and your customers in ways that resonate emotionally and move them to action.

It’s human connection that converts.

It’s facing the hard questions directly and calmly, not hiding behind smoke and mirrors.

Megan Barron

SALES, MARKETING & PR west village & real living

We love working with Megan and her incredibly talented team. She is passionate and has exacting standards solidly backed by experience and results. She’s our kind of people.

But do you truly know someone until you have stared down adversity with them and moved mountains to get to the other side? Our relationship was solid and based on mutual trust and respect prior to COVID-19. 

Now, it is forged in fire. See what she has to say.

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How We Work

We care deeply about the people we work with and we work harder than anyone else to understand you and your organisation. We are not churning through budgets with junior account executives while those with the title ‘director’ give their best work and experience to the biggest of big fish.

What We Do

Brand Planning & Positioning 
Digital Marketing & Strategy
Production Strategy
Creative Development
Media Analysis & Management
High-End Film Production
Website UX & Development
In-House Production

Who We Work With

Lucid delivers compelling digital solutions across content production, design and development. We have worked with respected organisations such as the Conference of Diocesan Directors NSW/ACT, Catholic Education in the Diocese of Lismore, Centacare, St Agnes’ Parish Port Macquarie,  and more.

We have deep knowledge of Catholic Education and all its nuances and have worked to help Catholic Schools systems solve communications and marketing issues as well as broader cultural issues.

Sam’s be-Happy Attitudes

Parent engagement 

Life is hard, but life is also beautiful. This beautiful animated piece commissioned by the CSO in Lismore shows kids how their resilience can shine through even when times are tough.  

The wisdom of a tradition over 2000 years old interpreted for a primary school audience and brought to life through original illustrations and a sweet narrative flow following the trials and tribulations of Samuel Foggingsworth III as he navigates the good times and the bad. With the right attitude and a little bit of help we can all move through life even if we sometimes get a few bumps and bruises along the way.


Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore
Catholic mission and faith development

Proclaim Lismore is an ongoing organisation-wide cultural change program run within the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore. 

Proclaim Lismore’s goal is to embed the mission of Jesus Christ, entrusted to the Catholic Church, within all schools in the Lismore Diocese in order to create a stronger Catholic Culture amongst students, parents, staff, and clergy. 


Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore
Catholic mission and faith development


Gumbaynggirr Nation

Lucid was employed by the Catholic Schools Office Lismore in collaboration with the five indigenous nations of their diocese, to create Welcome to Country videos specific to their areas. Local elders, school staff and indigenous students from each nation took part to create five beautiful pieces that featured songlines and culturally significant locations, dance and artwork. 

clear data

Traditional agencies, old ad shops posing as digital specialists, PR shops posing as content specialists, sales agents who ‘do digital’ tend to operate on the paradigm of treating their clients like mushrooms when it comes to data. Keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit.

We offer total transparency. You see what we see in real-time. If it’s not working, stop doing it. If it is working, let’s do better.

We want to learn and get better with you, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, and year-by-year. Let’s keep each other honest. Better yet, let’s keep the competition honest.

udia national awards – presidents award 2020 – winner

udia national awards – marketing excellence 2020 – winner

udia national awards – marketing excellence 2019 – winner

australian marketing institute – social media marketing 2019 – finalist

the urban developer – excellence in marketing 2018 – winner

ipa asia pacific – development website 2018 – winner

ipa asia pacific – development marketing 2018 – winner

Looking forward to connecting with you

Damien Condon

managing director