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Why silos are the enemy of effective marketing

What are silos? In this context, they are created by the breakdown of cross over communication between departments or teams, driven by different objectives and responsibilities.
For marketing to be effective working in silo’s is an issue, as everyone is not aware of the complete picture, which results in a fractured brand and messaging delivery, potentially confusing the end-user.

The marketing agencies role is to provide the best possible experience to the client’s customers and internal stakeholders – this requires marketers and their colleagues to make concerted efforts to break down silos and collaborate across departments or teams. The benefit of working in collaboration is quite profound once you start adopting this approach. We have seen first hand how working in collaboration across departments and sharing information can birth strategy that simply would not have been possible, and the end results far outperforming expectation.

So what are some of the ways to break down silos and collaborate?

  • Invite other department directors to marketing meetings to offer their insights from a higher viewpoint of the business
  • Have team members spend time shadowing in other departments to gain knowledge of the bigger picture
  • Reform the culture of the company, communicating that minor changes can have big positive impacts
  • Implement an effective CRM across the entire business so all departments can see what’s really happening
  • Sharing objectives and KPI’s across departments to nurture collaboration

These are just a few ways of removing silo’s to open up the opportunity for more effective marketing. The other interesting aspect is what is revealed once a business starts putting energy in removing silo’s and nurturing collaboration, the sharing of information can not only inform marketing strategy to be more effective, it can also inform internal mindsets and procedure to make the business itself perform smarter. This has a flywheel effect on innovation across the board, resulting in higher quality results in a more effective streamlined approach.

Here at Lucid, we not only have experience in recognising silo’s and breaking them down but also taking this mindset to the next level of working holistically and interweaving the human condition, emotional response and connection, building community etc. This approach has been proven to provide not only great results in individual objectives but also a profound improvement in the overarching brand and culture of a business, maybe I will write another article on those topics in relation to effective marketing in the near future.

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